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A short description

H10-Code is the XML document reflecting the table model of rectangular dissection graphs for tables.
Appling the XSLT stylesheet to H10-Code, H10-Code can be displayed by a common web browser.
H10-Code is designed for basic formats to exchange data between apllications dealing with information of tables, and is based on H10-Code list.
H10-Code list is the list data structure based on rectangular dissection graphs for general tables and XML representation.
It is possible to process arbitrary slice and non-slice structure tables efficiently by H10-Code list, and moreover, to save, exchange and browse
H10-Code list by H10-Code.



RD Table Editor

RD Table Editor

RD Table Editor is Rectangular Dissection Table Editor adopted H10-Code list as the internal data structure of tables and H10-Code as the external file format.
RD Table Editor can edit all tables represented by H10-Codelist efficiently, and it is possible to save as H10-Code and load H10-Code.


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